Gunawan Jusuf Heads an Unparalleled Sugar Empire

Few would argue that Gunawan Jusuf should be held in the highest regard as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sugar Group Companies, which happens to be one of the largest consumer products organizations in Indonesia. However, that description tens to shortchange the level of skill he demonstrates on a daily basis. With the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf has been able to nurture a very high level of growth of a number of sugar products, such as Gulaku, a premium, commercial, refined sugar product that is a household name all over Indonesia. It is not the only product, however; the company features many other popular products.

However, the primary reason Gunawan Jusuf’s tenure as CEO has been so remarkable is because the Sugar Group Companies is actually not one single company, but rather a collection of companies that grow and refine sugar in order to create and manufacture a variety of sugar products, many of which are enormously popular. In order to make sure all of the companies work in concert for a single purpose, Gunawan Jusuf must oversee plantations and refineries that spread all over Indonesia, as well as more than ten different Sugar Group Companies offices that are also located nationwide.

Given his business background, Gunawan Jusuf certainly understands better than most people how precious and valuable natural resources can be to both life and business. His experience makes it seem natural that Gunawan Jusuf recently wrote and published a book entitled “Blue Gold,” that examined the value of water as our most important and valuable commodity. The book features a frank discussion about the relative scarcity of water as a lot more than just the source of all life.