Gunawan Jusuf’s Perspectives on Natural Resource Sustainability

Gunawan Jusuf

Gunawan Jusuf, the long-standing Chief Executive Officer of the Indonesia-based Sugar Group Companies, has successfully steered his company towards significant growth, establishing various sugar products that have achieved household recognition throughout Indonesia. Notably, one such product, Gulaku, has become synonymous with premium commercial sugar in the country. However, Gunawan Jusuf harbors concerns about the long-term viability of his business in relation to the sustainability of natural resources.

To address these concerns, Gunawan Jusuf authored and published a book titled “Blue Gold” several years ago. In this thought-provoking publication, Gunawan Jusuf engages in a candid discussion about the potential challenges faced by the world regarding water availability. Undoubtedly, water stands as humanity’s most critical and invaluable commodity, requiring steadfast protection as a precious resource. Nevertheless, Gunawan Jusuf recognizes that businesses also heavily rely on water for their operations. Leveraging his extensive business background, he delves into the significance of water as a resource, compelling him to write an entire book on the subject.